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Frequently Asked Questions

This page has Frequently Asked Questions, commonly answered by customer service. Many of these questions will link to other help pages and sections.

What do your condition codes mean? 
Condition codes are assigned to every item we sell. These codes indicate whether the product is brand new, manufacturer reconditioned or used and refurbished product. Different condition codes have different warranties and return policies associated with them. Please be sure you understand these condition codes prior to ordering. More detailed information is available here.
Is it safe to send credit card information over the internet? 
Yes, we use the latest technology to secure your transaction and personal information. For more details, see our Secure Shopping Guarantee.
Do I have to pay sales tax or use tax? 
Application of taxes is dependant on the destination of the shipment. For details, see Sales Tax. 
If you are a reseller who has a completed tax exempt seller certificate on file with us, you will not be charged sales tax.
Can you ship next day including Saturday? 
Next day shipping is available, but it is dependant on the delivery location and the distribution center the product is shipping from. See Shipping Times for more details.
Can I order from a real person over the telephone? 
Yes, you can order over the Internet or contact one of our service representatives. Our service representative can assist you in using the Internet or can take your order. For telephone number and hours available, see Customer Service.
Do you use purchase orders? 
We do not require purchase order numbers. If you are a Business to Business customer and need a PO number associated with your shipment for your own reasons, you may enter one on the "billing" page durring the checkout process. ITXchange does not file or track shipments using this number.
What is your return policy? 
Depending on the reason for the return, you have up to 15 days to return product after obtaining of an RMA number from a Customer Service representitive. For more details, see our Return Policy. Do not return any merchandise Collect or without an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number as the shipment will be refused.
What should I do if something is damaged in shipping? 
Contact Customer Service within 24 hours of recipt to arrange the return of the damaged item and have replacement item sent. Do not return any merchandise without an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number that you obtain from Customer Service.
What should you do if the price in the system is wrong? 
We make every effort to have accurate pricing online. However, we always verify prices as part of our shipping procedures.
If an item's correct price is lower than our stated price, we charge the lower amount and ship you the item. 
If an item's correct price is higher than our stated price, we contact you for instructions before shipping. For more information, see Pricing and Availability.
How can I tell the availability of an item? 
We make every effort to keep all items in stock by monitoring availability and updating the inventory on a real time basis. If we cannot fill an order immediately, we will contact you to determine if you want to partially ship the available items or choose a substitute. For more information, see Pricing and Availability.
How can I find out more information about an item? 
We display all of the information about an item on the item lookup page. If you have questions about an item you can contact Customer Service or search further on the Manufacturers Website.
Can I cancel an order? 
You can cancel an order, if we have not shipped it, by contacting Customer Service. We make every attempt to ship an order within 24 hours of receipt, so immediate contact is required for cancellation.
Is my information, including name, address, number, and purchase details, safe from third parties? 
We do not release any information to third parties at any time. Your purchase information and account information is always under our protection. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
How long do Laptop Batteries Last? 
The life of a rechargeable battery operating under normal conditions is generally between 500 to 800 charge-discharge cycles. This translates into one and a half to three years of battery life for the average user. As the rechargeable battery begins to die, the user will notice a decline in the running time of the battery. When a battery that originally operated the notebook for two hours is only supplying the user with an hour's worth of use, it's time for a new one. 
What is the difference between NiCD, NiMH, and LiIon batteries?
  • NiCd: The Nickel Cadmium battery is the most durable battery on the market. These batteries are quick to charge, last for approximately 700 charge and discharge cycles, and work well in extreme temperatures. They do, however, suffer from "memory effect" if not completely discharged each cycle. "Memory effect" reduces the overall capacity of the battery, thus affecting its run time. If a battery is discharged to 30% and then recharged, for example, the battery will only charge to 30% of its capacity. If improperly cared for, a NiCd battery can quickly deteriorate.
  • NiMh: The Nickel Metal-Hydride battery runs almost 75% longer on each charge than NiCD batteries but only last for about 500 charge cycles. NiMH batteries, however, are resistant to memory effect. Made from non-toxic metals, NiMH batteries are also environmentally safe.
  • LiIon: The Lithium Ion battery is lightweight and does not suffer from memory effect. The LiIon battery also delivers a higher run time average. Similar to NiMH technology, LiIon batteries have a life expectancy of 500 charge and discharge cycles.