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Docking Station Keys

At the bottom of this page are six examples of where your Correlation Label Number may be located. You will need this number to order replacement  docking station keys  from IT Xchange. Using the appropriate example, find this 4 digit number or 5 digit alphanumeric code and enter it in the field below. Check out our instructional video and FAQ section below.

VIDEO: How to order docking station keys


Q: What information do I need before ordering a docking station key?
A: To order the correct key, you will need the respective docking station’s correlation number. 
Q: How do I find my correlation number? 
A: Correlation numbers are located on the underside of the docking station. The correlation number will be either a 4-digit code, or a 5-digit alphanumeric code. See the example image below. View the instructional video above for details on how to find your correlation number.  
Q: Do I need to register? 
A: Yes. You can register quickly and easily as an individual or as part of an existing company by visiting our registration page. If you are having trouble registering, please contact customer support at support@itxchange.com
Q: Can you take my order over the phone? 
A: Currently, our key ordering process is housed online. Once you are directed to the key that you need, simply follow the prompts on screen to place your order online. 
Q: How do I place an order? 
A: Check out the video embedded at the top of this page for step-by-step instructions on how to place your order. 
Q: How do I find my Registry ID? 
A: Please contact your sales representative to make an inquiry for your Registry ID number.  
Q: Why can’t I place my order? / I see a blank screen when trying to place my order. 
A: The docking station keys you are trying to order may be backordered until a future date. Please contact your IT Xchange sales representative for the earliest availability


Thinkpad Advanced Mini Dock Series 3 & Plus Series 3 (bottom view). 
ThinkPad X4 / X6 UltraBase Dock (bottom view).
ThinkPad Dock I, Dock II, or Mini Dock (bottom view).
Thinkpad Advanced Dock (bottom view).
Thinkpad Advanced Mini Dock (bottom view).
X200 Ultrabase (bottom view).