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Storage at IT Xchange

In the secondary market, IT Xchange is a leading provider of new and recertified hardware from top manufacturers. Our wide selection of certified refurbished server and storage options comprises offerings from industry front-runners like EMC and NetApp.

With a huge and constantly expanding inventory of pre-owned EMC and NetApp systems and parts, IT Xchange is able to source hard-to-find storage hardware for your customers no matter what their project requirements are, all at an affordable cost.

EMC storage at IT Xchange   |   NetApp storage at IT Xchange


Why Choose Storage?


Your customers need a reliable infrastructure. Part of building and maintaining a reliable IT infrastructure is ensuring that their day to day activities and data are protected. Over the years, cyber security threats have increased in number and in complexity. Now, businesses need to be more vigilant than ever to prevent cyber-attacks and data loss.

While cloud-based storage solutions open organizations up to greater risk of information breach, hardware storage offers tangible, high performance multi-tiered physical protection. For businesses and government agencies working with confidential information, it is even more critical to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.


Our inventory of recertified physical storage parts and systems offer another bonus – like the rest of IT Xchange’s solutions, they are affordable. Opting for certified refurbished EMC or NetApp storage options gives your customers flash-level high performance for a fraction of the price! For even more cost savings, contact IT Xchange for custom configurations and additional brand availability.

Maintenance and support services.

IT Xchange is also pleased to offer maintenance on our server and storage inventory for even greater value. We are able to support a wide variety of servers, storage, switches and parts from most major manufacturers. Our support ranges from current generation equipment to End of Life equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer.


As part of our 3rd party maintenance and support program, we provide:

·         On site spares

·         Parts delivered next business-day

·         24/7 monitoring with help desk

·         On site smart hands

·         Flexible contract terms (from one month to 3+ years)


Why IT Xchange?

IT Xchange’s inventory of recertified storage equipment is fully tested by our team of in house technicians to ensure optimal performance. The IT Xchange team includes certified storage experts with years of experience building and maintaining storage solutions, ensuring that you and your customers are in excellent hands.

If you would like more information on our server and storage options availability, please request a quote for the fastest response.

Our growing inventory includes:

·         EMC VNX 

·         EMC VNXe

·         EMC CLARiiON CX4

·         DataDomain

·         NetApp FAS

·         EMC Disks (VNX: V3-, V4-, VX-; CLARiiON: CX-)

·         NetApp Disks

·         Disk Array Enclosures and Spare Drives