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Sun Enterprise M9000 Solutions and Options


Offering budget conscious options online for Oracle Sun’s most scalable mission-critical server
Expand, upgrade or replace your Oracle Sun Microsystems Sun SE M9000 solutions with IT Xchange.
The Sun Microsystems Sun SE M9000 server allows you to interchange and match up to 64 of the SPARC64 VII quad-core CPUs or dual-core SPARC64 VI processors.
In order to fill in the gaps of growing businesses, IT Xchange offers parts and accessories for the Sun M9000 Server Solution, optimized for enterprise class applications like the CRM and ERP, with great features comprising of high speed and low-latency redundant data.
Our newly priced Sun SPARC Enterprise Server M9000/32 1-frame base cabinet offers 1 passive backplane, 2 service processors, Max. PSU (15), Max. FAN (16), 8 XB boards, 1 DVD, and 1-phase (200-240V) AC power for use with up to 32 processors on up to 8 system boards.
If you are searching for additional M9000 options, see our list of products below:


Sun SPARC Enterprise Server Dual Power Feed, 1-phase AC power, for use with SPARC Enterprise M9000 servers, RoHS-5.

49,331 €


Sun SPARC Enterprise PCI-E IO unit with 8 * PCI-E slots and 4 * disk bays for up to 4 * 2.5" Serial SCSI HDD, for use with SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers, RoHS-5.

10,513 €


Sun 146GB 10K RPM 2.5" SAS disk drive, for use with SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers, RoHS-6.

353 €


Sun SPARC Enterprise Server BASE I/O Card with 2*Gb Ethernet ports plus support for HDD, DVD and DAT, for use with SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers, RoHS-5.

1,146 €


Sun StorageTek PCI-E Enterprise 4Gb FC host bus adapter, Dual channel includes standard and low profile brackets, low profile form factor. RoHS 6 compliant.

169 €


Sun x8 PCI express Quad Gigabit Ethernet UTP low profile adapter, LP bracket on board, Std bracket included, RoHS-6 compliant. The card uses Sun multiThread Neptune ASIC with enhanced performance.

281 €


Power Cord for SPARC Enterprise Server M8000 and M9000 1-phase BASE and Expansion Cabinet, INTL Version (IEC 309, 32A, 250V plug) RoHS compliant.